Actor’s profile: One of Australia’s youngest stars, Presley Massara

The showbiz world is watching Presley Massara
The showbiz world is watching Presley Massara

Precocious Perth kid Presley Massara is surely causing a stir in the world of showbiz. At the mere age of 14, he is already an established actor, singer, and dancer. His trainings at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney paved the way for his international exposure. At the pace at which he is progressing, needless to say, stardom is creeping up on him. He has just wrapped shooting his protagonist role in the movie adaption of the best-selling book “The Pineville Heist”. The movie, shot in Canada, is set to release in 2015. Presley’s journey into the North American filmdom began from Australia, where he is a well-known personality in the performing arts fraternity and colloquially known as the ‘everywhere’ kid after a string of national television commercials . Unsurprisingly, leading child agency got wind of his talents and none other than the VP of the agency, Emily Urbani herself, is now representing him. On top of that, Tyman Stewart, who is the VP of Canada’s largest Agency, is also representing him. Presley attributes his monumental achievements to his unflinching determination to make a difference in his field.

Presley’s fan base in Australia is absolutely astounding. With 18,000 Facebook fans and counting, Presley is immensely popular on social media, not only as an actor, but also as a dancer and a singer. He is held in high esteem among the boys and girls of his age group in Australia and overseas alike. The main mantra behind Presleys’ success? “It’s all about hard work”, he said. A successful performer from an early age, Presley looks up to Aussie legend Hugh Jackman as his role model, and would like to see himself in his position in the future.


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